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Had an accident? Road traffic accident investigation can help

The blue skies and warmth of summer is perfect for a drive. With dry roads and good visibility, more people are out and about, and it is the season for holidays and day trips. There is some evidence, however, that people can get complacent. In poor weather, drivers tend to pay more attention to what they are doing and drive more slowly, but in the summer, people want to relax and have fun. They are more likely to talk on their mobile phone, speed along with the wind in their hair, or obscure their view with sunglasses and hats. All of these things can lead to accidents, and accidents have serious consequences.

Finding yourself blamed for a collision can be soul-destroying. In addition to the stress of having your car damaged and having to claim from the insurance company, you might have to live with the knowledge that you have injured someone. This could be a stranger, or it could be a loved one who was in the passenger seat. Add to this the fact that you could lose your licence, face a hefty fine or spend time in prison, and it is understandable that people reach out for help. An accident investigator can be the perfect solution.

Specialist traffic accident investigators can look into the circumstances of an accident, draw up reports and even act as expert witnesses if the case goes to trial. Many of these are former police officers, with forensic skills and knowledge that can completely change the way a case is viewed. Charges and sentences can be reduced or dropped altogether. As the most serious traffic offences carry 14 year prison sentences, this could change your whole life.

Accidents are investigated in a similar way to other crime scenes. Professionals evaluate the state of the vehicles involved in order to evaluate their speed and relative position. They look at skid marks on the road, the weather conditions and witness testimonies in order to reconstruct the entire sequence of events. They can prove that what you are saying is true.

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A Brief History of Modern Art: From Niépce to Borsky

The concept of modern art emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century as the result of a new technology painters could not compete with; the camera. The first photographic image was produced in 1826 by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, but it would take several decades before the technology was capable of reproducing copies on mass like a printer could copy an oil painting or acrylic artwork.

The breakthrough for photography came in 1884, when George Eastman developed a dry gel that could be coated on to a film and would effectively replace the metal plates photographers carried round in a box. Four years later, Eastman released a camera with the slogan, “You press the button, we do the rest,” and suddenly anybody could own a camera. When the Kodak Brownie became available to the mass market in 1901, photography effectively crippled traditional painted artwork.

Photography as an art form was becoming a much more interesting concept to aficionados than paintings– even to the artists themselves. Art needed a new licence and radical thinkers like Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse and Georges Braque came up with ideas that would make people view objects, and ultimately the world, in a completely different way. In the early 20th century, the birth of Cubism and advancements in abstract art would revolutionise modern art for the next 100 years.

Artists Protest Failing Artwork
The avant-garde art movement would take another leap forward with the onset of the First World War. Influential artists of all kinds converged in neutral Switzerland, where in Zurich they frequented the Cabaret Voltaire, a nightclub showcasing music, art, poetry and literature. It was here that the Dada movement began; a root group of rebellious artists, musicians and writers who protested against the bourgeois globalists, and rejected reason and logic in favour of irrationality and intuition.

The Dada movement became an international club and spawned all manner of artistic techniques and genres that adorn galleries all over the world today. Genres like surrealism, pioneered by Andre Breton and taken to new heights by the likes of Max Ernst and Salvador Dali, would take audiences by storm. Even thirty years after its inception, the anarchic ideas of the Dada founders were inspiring new artistic concepts with the Nouveau Realisme designs of Pop and Flux becoming the fad of the fifties. And Dada continues to inspire artists like Jiri Borsky today. To see examples of art by Jiri Borsky click here:

The Birth of Acrylic Artwork
The new design concepts created by artists demanded a different type of paint and in the 1950s, “Magna paint,” was made commercially available. Magna paint was a thick acrylic solution that, when mixed with water, would dilute to such a degree it could give the appearance of oil pigments or even water colours. But not only does acrylic paint give artists a versatile consistency, its fast drying qualities gave artist like Jackson Pollock and David Hockney advantages other paints would not allow.

If you want to see examples of acrylic artwork, you will find excellent examples at Barewall together with the works of Jiri Borksy.

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Looking to cater for the perfect summer event in London?

Are you looking to host a fabulous summer party? Not wanting to spend hours trawling the internet looking for party recipes to cater for your guests? Dreading the ‘big shop’ for the ingredients and then not seeing your home outside of your kitchen for hours? Then let Brophies the Caterers take care of all of this for you. Offering a high quality and low cost catering service in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London, we are confident our established business can offer your party the quality menu it deserves, and make your event, the event of the summer!

Whether it is to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympics, a summer birthday or a sensational wedding, Brophies the Caterers are here to provide a delicious variety of fresh food in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London, suitable for any dietary requirements and made to the highest standards without stretching your budget.

Why not try our finger buffet options, including mouth watering sandwiches filled with French Brie, free range egg, Atlantic prawns and cheddar, or our scrumptious broccoli, tomato and fresh salmon quiche fingers; perfect affordable party food, ideal for snacking on whilst enjoying the atmosphere of a great British summer! Our assortment of salads including cucumber, olive, coriander and feta and potato and spring onion, are also great to ensure no guest is left feeling hungry!

Thinking of hosting an event in the community over the summer months? Brophies the Caterers can cater for a minimum of 40 people, and offer a selection of succulent meat, vegetarian options, tantalising salads, and tasty Artisian bread and/or traditional rolls, we can even supply the barbeque, as well as storage options for keeping your food fresh and friendly members of staff to look after your guests.

Looking to celebrate the Jubilee in style? How about having a delightful afternoon tea delivered directly to your home, work, or anywhere in fact, free of charge and without VAT! Brophies the Caterers can cater your celebration with a yummy selection of small cakes including lemon drizzle, sticky toffee and our favourite, chocolate fudge! Of course, we don’t forget the scones either, provided with cream and jam – we leave the decision of eating them the traditional Cornish or Devon way, entirely up to you.

We know ordering food can be a tricky decision, especially with so much to choose from! With Brophies the Caterers, you can order and pay online, by email or call us directly on 01727 846261 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about anything, we’re happy to use our knowledge and expertise to offer suitable options and also suggest complimentary companies to ensure your event is as remarkable as you would like! Whatever the decision, we confirm all orders so you can be sure your catering is exactly as you requested. When your delivery arrives, if anything is incorrect, simply give us a call within 30 minutes of the order being delivered and we’ll happily resolve any issue.

To find out more about the catering services we offer, you can visit us here,contact us on 01727 846261, on Facebook ‘Brophies the Caterers’, or email us. We look forward to helping you make your summer event the envy of all your friends and family!

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Get the most from your gaming console with HDMI

Many gamers these days take their gaming very seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Traditionalists may be snobby about it, but video games have become one of the main forms of entertainment in the modern world. Games tell a story, they can be art, and you get to shoot zombies. They may be seen as vulgar by some, but so were some of the popular entertainments of the past. The Vaudeville variety shows of America were at once loved and dismissed by different sections of society. As with anything, there were good shows and bad, but if you consider that Harry Houdini started his career on the Vaudeville circuit, it is clear to see that some people were missing out. There are bad video games, as well, but the best of them can be exciting, moving and breathtakingly beautiful. If some people dismiss the whole thing, more shame them.

To get the full gaming experience, however, you need to have the right kit. Most people are now using HD TVs, but there are a number of cables which can be used to connect them up to your gaming console. In most cases, an HDMI cable is the best bet.

HDMI stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’. As the name implies, one of the main advantages of using an HDMI cable is that it is designed to transfer High Definition video. As both the PS3 and Xbox 360 use HD technology, having the right HDMI cable can improve the quality of the image that ends up on the screen. So called ‘component’ cables can be used instead, but as these use analogue technology, the picture will not be as good. However, some cable companies, such as EuroNetwork, are now producing HD component cables specifically for use with consoles. These are a good alternative to HDMI.

HDMI is also a good solution because it transfers audio as well as video. Whereas other systems have leads which split into a range of connectors, or you need a separate audio lead entirely, HDMI is all built into the one cable.

It is worth noting that although HDMI cables are the best option in most cases, they are not supported by the Nintendo Wii. Although you can buy adapters in order to use an HDMI cable with the console, there is no reason to do so. EuroNetwork sell a number of Wii compatible cables – available here – which are more suitable.

EuroNetwork are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cables and leads, selling HDMI cables, wall plates and other electrical accessories. Feel free to contact the company for more information.

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Create the ultimate custom scooter with scooter bars and accesso

Scooters have come a long way since the first Razor folding scooter was launched in Japan in 1996. Nowadays, freestyle scootering is an entire scene and a competitive sport, making its home in skateparks and streets across world and, more recently, in the UK. If you want to feel the exhilarating rush of this extreme sport, you will want to customise your ride to suit your riding style. Every component on a scooter can be upgraded with modifications and it can be difficult to know where to start. This is a guide for beginners to the main components you might want to change on your scooter.

Complete Scooters
If you dont yet have a scooter, complete scooters give you the base which you can modify gradually at later dates. The brand Razor is still creating strong designs, with the Ultra Pro Lo Kick scooter making waves for its great ability for tricks, and Crisp scooters are another brand to look out for if you have a higher budget.

Scooter Decks
One piece decks are the best option for the serious rider. Choose an Addict deck for Balance Point Modulation (BPM) and a great strength to weight ratio. You are looking for a strong Blunt scooter deck which is strong yet light enough for effective spinning, but you may also want to consider width, whether the headset is standard or integrated and brake compatibility. An Addict deck has a plastic brake for optimum balance; you should be supplied with spare brakes in case this one breaks. You will also need to buy grip tape for your Addict deck or other blunt scooter deck, which can be bought in a colour or style to match your ride.

Scooter Bars
Scooter bars (sometimes called a scooter T bar) are an easy way to modify a scooter to fit your style. If you want a lightweight scooter (making for easier jumps and tricks) choose an aluminium bar, or choose steel if you want strength and sturdiness. Modifying a scooter bar can make for an easier ride and better tricks. You can change your scooter T bar for a different height, shape, width and diameter, the specifications of which are a personal choice.

Scooter Wheels
Eagle scooter wheels from the brand Eagle Sport are available in 100mm and 110mm. Choose a softer wheel if youre riding in a smooth park environment and a harder wheel for rougher street surfaces. Hardness is measured in Durometers, with the average being 88A, and a softer wheel being a lower number. Wheels are made from PU for grip and have a metal core for strength and to prevent snapping, and Eagle scooter wheels have hollow sport technology for a lighter weight with full strength. Some quality wheels like Eagles scooter wheel range run smoothly, with balance and grip, meaning you can ride with confidence.

Other Scooter Modifications
Scooter wheels, scooter bars and scooter decks are a great place to start for riders new to modifications. In the quest for the perfect ride, you may also consider investing in accessories such as scooter pegs, clamps, headsets, brakes, bearings, grips, forks, compression kits, and of course, stylish helmet and kneepads. Scooter modification specialists in the UK can give you useful tips and advice on customising your scooter.

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